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Professional Services

Our electricians take pride in their work and education. They are continually undergoing professional improvement of their skills via continuing education, with both on-the-job safety training and in the classroom so that they can keep up to date with codes and regulations. Safety and respect for our customers and their property is our priority.

Insured & Licensed

B&W is a licensed electrical contractor in the state of Texas and we are insured to help provide peace of mind to our customers. We can help with all kinds of electrical upgrades, concerns, or general services. We take safety seriously and enjoy providing educational information to our customers to ensure that they, too, are follow protocols to keep them safe.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves in our commitment to exceptional customer service. We believe that being engaged in effective communication with our customers, thoroughly explaining electrical concerns, and treating them with the utmost respect is the best way to maintain an enduring relationship with them. Without our customers we wouldn't be here!